Cross Border Transactions

14 September 2014

Are you considering your first aircraft purchase? Is now the right time for you to upgrade to a newer or larger model? Are you convinced that pre-owned prices are not likely to fall any further? If a pre-owned aircraft is the right choice for you, the available inventory that meets your budget and your mission likely will include a significant number of aircraft registered outside of the United States.

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Whether you’re looking to acquire or dispose of an aircraft, we can provide valuable assistance at any stage of the process. We can show you where the market is going and which models to consider. We conduct comprehensive pre-purchase evaluations and handle aircraft contract negotiations.

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2006 Challenger 300 | OE-HOO


We're your most trusted source for private aircraft. Whether you're looking for private aircraft or commercial aircraft for sale, we have the experience to help you accurately identify your needs and acquire the ideal aircraft for your unique situation.

Finding the right private aircraft for sale can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. You have certain desires and expectations in mind, but your options may be limited by the private aircraft available on the market. At Pyxis, we take your aircraft needs seriously. We have decades of experience in private jet brokerage, as well as a wide variety of planes for sale at any given time.

Our extensive inventory of aircraft for sale is best in class. From pre-owned aircraft to new aircraft, we offer top quality opportunities from the worlds major manufacturers.

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